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The Structure

‘The Structure’ is a welded metal-wire framework holding screen prints on a range of materials, from newsprint, acetate, and south bank smooth paper. 780 x 1050 x 1206 mm in size at a set position of an obtuse angle. 

The prints within ‘The Structure’ were created to explore how people interact and view a building. I decided to explore that through capturing features of the Locksbrook campus building, part of Bath Spa University, which someone moving within the building may dismiss on a regular basis. The Locksbrook campus influenced this work massively through the colour palette and my personal connection to the space, as a student at the time of making this. The framework was inspired by a monument in Lisbon, Portugal seen during a trip. The structural nature and clean lines sparked creative inspiration when at the beginning stages of creating ‘The Structure’ as a way in which the prints can sit independently away from a wall. Most importantly I liked how it combines two spaces together and the way in which the exploration of a place, through walking a space or photographing details. This part is key to my practice at the early stages and something which is transferable within any project I do.

The gaps within the framework allows involvement of the display space within the work, bringing together the artwork back into the space of inspiration. The idea of bringing the prints back to the environment is come very much part of my making process, this project introduced me to bringing this element in. 

Made January to March 2020.

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