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Experimental Making 

Here is a body of experimental works of screen-printed paper tubes. This body of work is an example of how I like to transform a two-dimensional print into a three-dimensional format. The paper tubes combine collage of proof prints on newsprint, tracing paper and proofing card. Use of different materials to explore how the ink sits on the surface as well as use of translucent materials bring depth in layering. The aim of using collage was explore filling the white space around the print itself, once its three-dimensional format. 

During the project one of my aims was to explore how I can remove the white space around the print in a way in which takes influence from the space of inspiration, Dean Lane Skatepark, Bristol. Taking in the inspiration of graffiti and textures of the skatepark in the finish of this experimental work – would like to add this is not a final or finish body of work. This stage of making the paper tube led me create my ‘Stand Still’, screen printed plywood tubes which I consider the outcome of this project.

The representation of the paper tubes together came to me, when relooking at my photography collected at the project. One which stood out to me was the image of the fence line, how they sit in lines.

Made December 2021 to January 2022.

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