About the Artist

I am Ella Rose Budd, a recent graduate of Bath Spa University where I studied Contemporary Art Practice BA Hons. I would describe myself as a printmaker and visual maker. I have spent three years developing and expanding my ideas and interests within Printmaking where I have focused on Silkscreen, which has become my passion.


The nature of my practice is based on exploring the use of layering and
creating interaction with the viewer. I aim to invite the viewer to participate in the work by questioning object, surface structure and space. In fact, this process of interaction is the primary intention of my practice. Hands-on making and the processes that underpin the production of my work are important to me, especially the relationship between developing a complex surface design and its application to a simple material, object, structure, or space. Surface provides a central focus for me it is the inspiration and starting point of the creative journey through which, I develop my designs.

I am inspired by architecture and at present I am concentrating on the abstracted shape/floor plan of the Herman Miller Building in Bath. I am overlaying colours as a way to shift perceptions and invite the viewer to question the whole object as a representation and response to a space as a subject of representation.

I am flexible and able to respond to the requirements of a commission and I have developed designs and produced work for friends, family and paying clients. My designs range from a one-off piece that can be framed or displayed to repeat patterns that can be applied to paper, cloth or other interior surfaces. I also have experience of producing outdoor ceramic pieces that work as functional as well as decorative garden and plant furniture.


My approach to working with clients is to take a detailed brief of the commission and to produce concept designs before I work up a final piece of work. I feel that it is important to engage the client throughout the process so that they feel fully involved in the creative process, this way the final piece feels like a genuine extension of their creative vision.


Background & Experience 

Education & Qualifications


2017 – 2020 - Bath Spa University, BA (Hons) in Contemporary Arts Practice        
2016 - 2017 - Weston College, Art Foundation

2014 – 2016 - Backwell School, A levels: Graphics, Photography and Textiles       

Exhibitions (solo and group)


Waves Exhibition, April 2018, Clevedon Pier in Clevedon



Aleatory Exhibition during Art Foundation, 2017, The Island in Bristol

UAL End of Year show, 2017, Weston College in Weston-Super-Mare

Into the Blue Exhibition, April 2019, Walcot Chapel in Bath

No Show Degree Showcase, June 2020, Bath Spa University - School of Art and Design in Bath (Virtual due to Covid) 

Edition 6, Open Printmaking Exhibition, August 2020, 44AD in Bath

Future Edit, 2020 Graduate Showcase, January 2020 (Currently showing Online), Craft Council in London


My skills involve combining different mediums in one, for example, I like to take a computerised design and then transfer the design through screen-print onto fabric or another material.

The skills I have developed through screen-printing have allowed me to look at layering and composition which plays an important part in the overall display of my artwork. I have found that my skills have really developed in terms of translating two-dimensional works into a three-dimensional form and this has expanded my technical ability as well as producing an extensive range of works. 

Specific Skills:
Digital Skills in Photoshop and in Illustrator 
Experience in silk screen printing and etching 
Experience in ceramics, combination of slab building and coil pots
Digital designing of patterns


Transferable Skills:
Time management 
Independent working

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